Structure Of H.O.O.R.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


1. Initiation into the Army of RHK

2. Elemental Ordeals (Birth of a Soldier)

3. Life (Life of a Soldier)

4. Continuance (Death, so-called, of a Soldier)

5. Probationer (Transition from Soldier to Knight Monk)

6. O.'.T.'. … ∞ (Order of Thelemites)

7. Z. (Zelator)

8. Abbot/Abbess (Mysteries of the RC)

9. A (Adeptus)

10. M (Magister)

11. O (Overseer) ∞

Grades 1 - 4 Outer Triad—Soldier

Grades 5 and 6 are link Grades

Grades 7 - 9 Inner Triad—Knight Monk Lover

Grades 10 and 11 Secret Triad—Hermit 


In the Name of the Initiator AUGMN! In as much as this document is to be distributed to those withou the pale of The Order We must only generally describe the plan of Our Order.

1. Initiation into the Army of RHK comprises the first Grade and is open to all who profess an interest in Thelema. After the Initiation they may enter H.O.O.R., they may take the Oath of a Probationer of the A.'.A.'.(during periods of Speech) or they may choose to return to their mundane lives. The first Initiation is a foretaste of that which is to come.

2. Birth of a Soldier is the first point of the Outer Triad proper.

3. Life of a Soldier is the second point of that Triad.

4. The Continuance of a Soldier is the third and final point on the Outer Triad.

5. By the lessons learned in the Outer, the Candidate is prepoared for the transition from Soldier to Knight Monk of Thelema.

6. Initiation into the Order of Thelemites

7. Zelator of Thelema must not be confused with the Grade of the same name in the A.'.A.'. (And yet there is a mystery here that cannot be divulged in a paper designed for general purview.)

8. Abbot/Abbess are given access to the formula of the Rosy Cross. They also preside over the various Abbeys established by the Order for its social missions.

9. Adeptus of Thelema must not be confused with the Grade of the same name in the A.'.A.'.(The movements of the Adeptus cannot be openly discussed in any manner save within the Sanctuary of the Inner Triad.)

10. Magister of Thelema must not be confused with the Grade of the same name in the A.'.A.'.. (The Work of the Magister is , outwardly, concerned with governance of the Order. Inwardly … of that Work We speak not.)

11. Overseer is the Link and is always a high Grade A.'.A.'.member. His or Her Master is the apex of the Secret Triad and of that One it is not Lawful to speak. Let this suffice for those merely curious. For those who are of US we call you to arms!

Love is the law, love under will.

Given this Day Upon the Equinox of Autumn In the Vulgar Year 1992 from an Abbey of Thelema being the Villa Corvus in Tarrae Flores

ABMN.'. 939.'.